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your love is not 

I am so happy you've found me!

Hi, I'm Summer

Some call me the The Blonde Oracle.

I'm a Spiritual Channel and Coach, Mother, Wife, explorer of the subconscious and creator of THE L.OV.E. METHOD.

It’s no coincidence that you’ve been led here. As we awaken to our spiritual nature we look for mentors. Every one of us will go through hardships and crossroads in which we may feel the need for spiritual guidance.

I've dedicated my purpose to helping you transform and heal your relationship to self so you may flourish in relation to others. As a channel for the higher realms, I assist you with your journey by channeling higher truth. My intention working with you is to uncover your beliefs that hold you in a negative pattern so you may heal and reclaim your power as a creative loving expression of the divine. 


Are you are here to learn more about who you really are, your purpose on earth and what your lessons are in this lifetime? Whatever it may be, it is for a reason.​

Experiencing a channeled reading can feel like remembering truth from long ago. It is the deep knowing within you, some of which may not be conscious to you but is within you. 

Let us remember together.

Read more about my path home through codependence and low self worth into loving myself and reclaiming my sovereignty...


The l.o.v.e. Method is a breakthrough process to transform and heal your relationship to self so you can flourish in relation to others.

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