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This is not your average membership community,

It is so much more.


This is the beginning of an online global network of awakened women where you will receive support as well as connect, bringing our individualized talents and purposes with an expanding goal of creating solutions to fear based beliefs and systems that oppress the freedom of humans. 

In this group you will also receive emotional support, somatic body healing, mediations, spiritual insight and channeled guidance by Summer.


We seek to heal together in safe community.

We, as Lightworkers, Starseeds, System Busters, Truth Tellers, Love Leaders, Wayshowers,

and Light Layers have incarnated around the world and NOW are being called to connect.

To join our light and energy to help lift this planet in greater love, both individually and collectively.


This is Ascension


and you are on the front lines of the

greatest time in history!

World environment day concept_ Human hands holding earth globe on mountain sunset backgrou

"You are being activated and called to the next level of your path.

You are being shown there is more to life than meets the eye.

There is more to be created, more to be seen, more to be sown, more love to be spread,

more love to be rooted and you are a part of this.

The next steps you take may bring up fear but this fear is part of the knowing that in order to create what's needed to bring about peace, harmony and love on this planet it is a necessary gateway for the inevitable New Earth.

Don't trust the fearful thoughts that reside in you.

They are a reflection of that which has been sown into your consciousness by those to hope to control you, by those who hope to feed off of you, by those who hope to keep you locked down from further progression of your soul and all souls on this planet.

Ascension is inevitable,

each of you at a different rate,

all converging on a timeline towards love, peace, and harmony. 

If you have been activated, it is time to begin to take the necessary steps to creating the New Earth. 

Systems based in freedom and love within education, technology, health, farming and family. 

The greater ecosystem will converge as a result of your steps towards a brighter future.

As you come together as people on this path, your fear will dissipate and the light you create will be a beacon to which others will begin to be drawn to. 

You will be the leaders this world needed.

Thank you for following your heart.

Thank you for leading the way.

Thank you for choosing love."

A word from my spirit team:

What you can expect from this program:


Weekly Live Teaching, Channeling, Coaching & Oracle Readings

Supporting your transitions from 3D to 5D Systems including but not limited to: homeschooling, natural and herbal health, gardening and food growing, sovereign careers, harmonious relationships, conscious parenting.

Masterminding on New Earth System Creations

Live Meditation and Activations

Deep dives into blocks, beliefs and fears

Spiritual, Mental, Emotional Support 

Safe space for healing and recovery

Group Connection and comradery


Women Holding Hands

How it works

  • Live calls take place on zoom every Thursday evening 7PM PST. Date/time is subject to change.

  • Every week you will receive an email with a zoom meeting link to join the call.

  • Some live calls may be recorded. 

  • This is a subscription based service and you may cancel at any time. 

  • Unattended calls will not roll over onto next billing cycle.



"I have taken a couple of Summer's courses and had some one on one sessions. The most recent course I took with Summer was, The Path Home. My soul had been nudging me to do some more digging but I just didn't know where to begin. Well, just how beautiful the Universe works, here comes Summer with her course, The Path Home. I knew instantly this is exactly what I needed and where I needed to go. This course was designed perfectly. We had to open up those old wounds and expose them then in the end find our inner treasure. It was a magical experience. I had some old wounds I didn't even know were there. Some beliefs and behaviors that I either dismissed or was not conscious of . Summer was there for me individually and as a group. Her compassion, empathy and pure love that she showed towards me and the group allowed us to express ourselves and be there for each other. What I really took from this course was allowing myself to be okay with who I am. Okay with my childhood and my past. I learned and was given tools to face fear in the eye. 

It was pure beauty at the end seeing all the ladies in the group blossom and grow."


I kept searching for a teacher that would be a good fit for me, but I couldn't quite find the course I needed or that felt right. When Summer announced, she was launching a course - I was beyond excited. I knew this was spirit helping me on my path. I signed up, and it was everything I could have wanted and more. Summer is so attentive to her students. Her connection with source allows her to fine-tune her teaching to precisely what the group needs at any given moment. Her playful teaching style made learning fun and easy to remember. My gifts expanded tremendously in a short amount of time, and I'm able to use them in everyday life and in my energy healing practice. As women, our time has come to dive into our gifts and help others to awaken. I'm so blessed and will forever be thankful for all I've learned from Summer. 


"Summer spent so much time with me I could tell she was real passionate about her work. I listened to her direction and my life was starting to shift, I wanted more though.  I was unsure how to further my learning in working with spirt and to continue to heal myself.  Summer was then offering an Intensive.  I  enrolled in her Intensive for further education and souls enrichment. My direction as a Physical Therapy Assistant would now include holistic healing work and energy work. Summer taught me so much. I now can tap into my spirit guides and work with spirt, read auras. My Clairs are also developing.  In just her 6 week class I feel I have fast forward  months of learning. I’m so excited I have met Summer and she is in my life. I plan to work with her more long term. I no longer feel anxious and for the first time I AM Happy with my life , this is what my SOUL was yearning for all along. I’m very thankful to have Summer as a spiritual teacher . "


"Summer Garner is one of those people you just can't get enough of. You're in awe when you listen to her speak, you want to consume everything and anything she puts out there, and (especially after working with her once) you'll do anything to keep learning from her. To say that Summer's work is life-changing would be an understatement. The value she provides is unlike anything else I've ever seen or experienced. Her gifts and wisdom span many lifetimes and it is an absolute honor to work with her. Find a way to work with Summer. I promise it will be the best investment you've ever made. """


Summer is a highly talented and naturally gifted practicing Spiritual Medium and Coach. Whether it is through one on one readings or group programs, she connects through spirit guides with loved ones in an attempt to bring peace and guidance. Through one of her courses, Summer helped me develop my own strength as an empath and intuitive to bring me closer to who I really am. This allowed me to find the path I am here to follow. She taught me how to harness my own power and use it to help guide me. It was through Summer’s gifts that I found my own gifts. I love her! She is magic.


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