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Heading 2

A word from my spirit team:

"You are being activated and called to the next level of your path.

You are being shown there is more to life than meets the eye.

There is more to be created, more to be seen, more to be sown, more love to be spread,

more love to be rooted and you are a part of this.

The next steps you take may bring up fear but this fear is part of the knowing that in order to create what's needed to bring about peace, harmony and love on this planet it is a necessary gateway for the inevitable New Earth.

Don't trust the fearful thoughts that reside in you.

They are a reflection of that which has been sown into your consciousness by those to hope to control you, by those who hope to feed off of you, by those who hope to keep you locked down from further progression of your soul and all souls on this planet.

Ascension is inevitable.

Each of you at a different rate.

All converging on a timeline towards love, peace, and harmony. 

If you have been activated, it is time to begin to take the necessary steps to creating the New Earth. 

Systems based in freedom and love within education, technology, health, farming and family. 

The greater ecosystem will converge as a result of your steps towards a brighter future.

As you come together as people on this path, your fear will dissipate and the light you create will be a beacon to which others will begin to be drawn to. 

You will be the leaders this world needed.

Thank you for following your heart.

Thank you for leading the way.

Thank you for choosing love."

This video has been deleted.

This is not your average membership community. It is so much more. This is the beginning of a global network with near future plans of in-person events. You can see it as an in person community mastermind with meditation, food, speakers and more.

We, as Lightworkers, as Starseeds, have incarnated around the world and NOW are being called to connect. To join our light and energy to help lift this planet in greater love.


This is Ascension. 


you are on the front lines of the greatest time in history!

It is time to

Join your family of light!

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the founding tribe!

Opened October 2019

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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