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Your Transformation Starts Here!

Welcome to the next level of your path.

You’ve been led here because you are spiritually ready to transcend the old you; the lower vibrational reality that you have outgrown. You are ready for greater self awareness.


As a part of the whole light and source of this universe, your soul is in process of healing, creation and self realization at every moment within the consciousness. You are experiencing the thoughts and patterns via your subconscious and conscious mind at every moment.​

You are God expressed in a physical body experiencing yourself.


You were born to be free, to love freely and express your love.

The truth of who you really are is always available to you.

You know there is more to life, to this existence. 


You intuitively feel this and are ready to know this truth.


You are here for your spiritual progress and evolution. To grow through lessons and integrate them which allows you to hold more light as a result. This is spiritual ascension.



As a facilitator of your work, I am the mirror to your experiences allowing and showing aspects/patterns you couldn’t see before. I look through the ethers and into subconscious blocks and patterns as well as where they were created. This allows you to now consciously choose to forgive and heal from these old stories that no longer serve you.



Your soul craves freedom.

Freedom from self limiting patterns. Freedom from external control. Freedom from judgement.


This is honest work. Real work. You are ready. It is why you have found me.

Let's empower you and transform your life.

private coaching

Need one-on-one coaching to move you through and into your highest level? There is a focus on supporting the whole Mind, Body, and Soul to empower you to step into the next highest version of you and ongoing overall support.  Summer will connect to Spirit and Soul to move you assist you through and into more light by healing, empowering, processing, shifting, and breaking through old patterns and pain. 


The l.o.v.e. Method is a breakthrough process to bring deep unconscious patterns and pain into the conscious for healing. 


Click below to learn more and sign up for this free 5 day live retreat 

love ascension

 love Ascension is a 6 month Group Mentorship Program. This program is designed to transform and heal your life with tools, break through intuitive coaching, worksheets, live hot seats, role-play, live meditation and much more.  Click below to find out if this program is right for you and when it opens.

coming soon
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